5 Ways We Sold Our Home On The First Showing For Full Asking Price


  When we bought our condo people thought we had lost our marbles. Everyone knew we were desperate to find a house after our very quick relocation, but they didn't think we were that desperate. Maybe we were desperate, or maybe we were smart, or maybe we were both. But our condo was a diamond in the rough... Very rough. The condo had been previously owned by a heavy smoker. Not only did it smell bad from the smoke, but in the upstairs, ... READ MORE »

My Laundry Room Needs Help. Bad.

Laundry room needs help

The room of shame. Dun. Dun. Dun. Everyone has one. The one you shove everything into and close the door and try your best to forget about. This is that room  for me. And the problem is, I use this room all the time for obvious reasons.  But talk about being unfunctional. Uninspiring. Undesirable. Yuck! I can't decide what is worse, the original peeling linoleum yellowed from nicotine as a result of years of smoking by previous ... READ MORE »

Pick My Cafe Curtain


Part II to "F-Word, But It's Not What You're Thinking" is taking even more time than I anticipated as I am trying to be very thorough, but in the meantime, I need help from my 5 loyal followers. ;) I am struggling to decide a fabric for my kitchen window. It's naked right now... Here's 3 options... And one more I decided to throw in for kicks and giggles. The script fabric on the chair. Here's a reminder of the adjoining ... READ MORE »

The F-Word: But It’s Not What You’re Thinking


Not talking interior design today... And I have been waffling over whether or not to even share this so openly my personal story, but Glenn Beck coming forward and (mostly) so openly sharing his story of struggling with chronic pain, which he didn't come right out and say the "F-Word" (Fibromyalgia) in his special he just aired on his network, he called it an auto-immune disorder, but I did find on his website, www.theblaze.com, a few references ... READ MORE »