Zealous About Imperial Trellis

 Okay, so I have a confession to make. I actually had to look up the word zealous.

I knew it basically meant what I wanted it to, but I was worried that it might be just off enough that someone would think I was a dork by using any old word to rhyme with Trellis. =P

But it turns out that the definition is spot on perfect for how I feel about Imperial Trellis: intense enthusiasm. So yes, I am zealous about imperial trellis. I am loving it and I hope it is something we start seeing a little more of. It’s been around, but I haven’t seen it everywhere obviously. And it’s probably because it tends to run some $$$.

Here are some other ways that may or may not be as bold as my recent accent wall I did in my family room.

Dining Rooms

I am probably going to say this about every room I am posting, but I LOVE this room. I think it is really fun to take something uber traditional like a chippendale dining room set and shake it up with some funky accents like the zebra rug and and lime green chandelier. I feel like this is a room I would have dreamt up.  I like to think I am kind of a funky, ecclectic traditionalist… if there is such a thing.

This is also a room from out of my head, except if it were me, I would have added a puncy green curtain instead of the silver ones and put a lighter silver rug under the table. But this is a good example of how you could do a more monochromatic look with the imperial trellis.

Here is a more earthy craftsman inspired dining room with the trellis pattern.


Makes a great pop of interest in the back of a book case.


Fresh and clean while super classy powder room.

Chartreuse imperial trellis brightens up this bathroom.

I think this one beats out the bold factor of my wall. In fact I think it’s over the top. The eye needs some relief in this powder room, since it is so high contrast. You could get away with this if it were tone on tone, but this strong it should be on no more than two walls.

You could do the same idea as in this bath by doing a flat paint and a gloss for the pattern. You will see a couple in this post with this idea. It makes it less abrasive and much more traditional. 

Another example.

This kitchen is SO much fun! From the mirrored cabinets to the bunched up lightbulbs, to that little bit of chartreuse wallpaper. This kitchen has it going on!

This one tiny wall turns this nondescript kitchen into something to talk about.

Okay, have you ever had this moment in design? It kind of feels the same as when you see a really cute guy and you realize he’s smiling back and your heart skips a beat. Yeah. You know what I am talking about. That is how I feel when looking at this bedroom and I think I am IN love!  This is crazy awesome. And how about those lamps?! I think they are to die for! Again, I apparently love high contrast and bold color because I am literally smiling while looking at this bedroom. I like this a lot for a bedroom, but think it would make an awesome kitchen or family room too.

Although this is a much more  subdued in color, I feel a similar attraction to this bedroom. I think I would be more drawn to doing something like this for a bedroom, just because it is a place of rest. In fact this room has me making plans for the future. =) But I’m loving my current bedroom for now, but I could definitely go for something like this in the future.

 Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures… and found some inspiration. I didn’t show any pictures of just pillows, but I definitely think that would be a great way to also add a little trellis in your life. I’ve seen some fantastic ones on Etsy.com.

Happy Thursday!

**As always, I LOVE to give credit where it’s due. But I find most of my photos on Pinterest and random Google searches so finding the original source isn’t always possible. If you see a design that belongs to you, please let me know so I can give credit to you. Thanks!



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