William Sonoma Easter Bunny Damask Plate Dupe (Designer Knock-Off)

Have you seen all those cute designer bunny plates? Then noticed the crazy high price attached to them, well in this episode of “Designed to the Nines” I knock-off (or dupe) those fancy high-end dishes at a fraction of the cost!

Check out how I did it on this week’s video:

I got most of my free royalty free bunnies for the project at https://www.kisspng.com/.

Here are the ones I used:


You can get the stencil I used here:


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2 thoughts on “William Sonoma Easter Bunny Damask Plate Dupe (Designer Knock-Off)

  1. Cheryl@SewCanDo says:

    This is so cute – I like yours even better than the original. I’ll be featuring it at this week’s Craftastic Monday Link Party. Thanks for linking it up!

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