What I’ve Been Doing the Past 5 Weeks…

As many of you may already know about five weeks ago our family welcomed a sweet little baby boy to the family.  This is why I have been so MIA.

I felt it was important to not only love me some new baby, but to love me my existing babies (even though my 11 year old would not like me to refer to her as such)! I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and they have been and always will be the most important thing in my life. Nothing will ever take precedence over them… including, unfortunately, this blog… which has been placed on the back burner for the past several weeks.

However, now I am getting in the swing of things and getting a routine down and am able to start doing projects and blogging again. I am in the middle of one now. I look forward to blogging  and sharing design inspirations soon! I’ve missed you guys!  Watch for my relaunch soon… and I’ll kick it off with a giveaway!

Happy Monday!

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