Vanilla is Still the Most Popular Flavor

Okay… so last week I told you it was all about color. But let’s face it… vanilla is still the most popular flavor! When decorating in vanilla tones, it is all about texture.

My first example is one of my favorite rooms I have seen and I only discovered it a little over a week ago.  It was designed by recent Design Star cast-off Trent Hultgren. It is a spectacular visual feast. Notice all the natural fibers in the coffee table, the shutters, the chair (bottom right corner), and the baskets.  Another must have element in my opinion in a vanilla flavored room is a little green.  He introduces this by way of pears and greenery.

Another tip is to use various shades of white… varying from bright to deep cream.

You notice texture again… in the walls, the greenery and the carpeting.

Sea grass/sisal rugs really shine in vanilla decor.

I love bat and board wainscotting. It creates a lot of visual interest in this room.

This is also one of my favorite dining rooms.  You have the woven wood blinds, paired with a cotton drape, sisal rug, linen chair covers, and the list goes on… again it’s texture, texture, texture.

You should be seing a strong theme.

Another must have for rooms like these are lots of warm wood elements. This not only adds the visual texture, but a lot of warmth.

It’s fun to add industrial elements to all the rustic elements.

This bathroom has a textural pebble floor, warm wood cabinetry, greenery, more than one shade of white. Beautiful!

Proof that every rule was meant to be broken.

This Restoration Hardware bath mixes rough hewn woods with industrial metals and soft fluffy towels.

Lots of visual interest is created by my latest fave in this caramel colored quatrefoil wallpaper. I love warm colored armoire, however I find it a little out of scale in this room.


Another element you may or may not have noticed in almost every room is the use of glass/mirrored elements. This adds visual sparkle!

I love the bed!

A few more… 


So here’s my top 5 tips on decorating delicious vanilla rooms:

1. Layer on the texture.

2. Use more than one shade of white.

3. Add some greenery.

4. Add some industrial elements such as glass and metal.

5. Use wood elements in flooring, furniture, and/or window treatments.



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One thought on “Vanilla is Still the Most Popular Flavor

  1. Carlos says:

    Very true…White is not the enemy. These are all perfect examples of how to use it the right way and of course Vicente Wolf has produced some incredible “white” rooms.

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