Trend Watch: Pop Art

I recently decided to do some pop art in the Ingram family/game room.  This is a fun trend to watch. 

I thought it was a great way to bring in color and introduce art in a way that would be more meaningful to the family.

This style of art was made popular by Andy Warhol in the 1960s.  This painting of Elizabeth Taylor just sold for $10 million dollars just a few days ago:

Andy Warhol’s paintings have gone for as much as $100 million (Eight Elvises).

It is really easy. We used a different service for the ones we used in the game room, but they didn’t do very much popart so it became a little difficult to work with.  So I found this website:

So they just do popart.  Here are some examples from their site.

Or you could try making it yourself.  I did these on

I just uploaded a photo and posterized… and played with the colors a little bit.

It’s a free website. You probably could get  an even better look with photoshop (but I don’t have it).

Then you would want to have it printed on a canvas.

Here are a couple of other examples of popart that would be great in a room.

Have fun!!


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