Trend Watch: Fresh Colors for Painted Cabinets

I have had several people ask me lately what color to paint their cabinets. You have heard me profess my love for the traditional white cabinet.

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To me, it’s classic, fresh, and clean.

If you have kids or pets, white might not be practical or more upkeep than you are looking for… so you could always go black, which is still a trend that is hanging on.

If you go this direction make sure you have enough light and reflection (off a lighter colored wall) to compensate for the light sucking black. It is a beautiful look if you do it right.

In one of my favorite blogs, (you should really check it out if you haven’t already), Layla Palmer pulled off black cabinets exceptionally… but then decided to change things up to two of my favorite new trends.

Upper cabinets painted one color, lower cabinets painted a darker, different color. Another trend that I am loving is gray cabinets, of course.  As you know I predicted gray being a red hot decorating color over a year ago. Now, you’re seeing it all over… including my own home.

It looks great with classic carrera marble.

Another good example of the two tone effect, done a little more subtle…

And leaning a little closer to another trend I am liking a lot,


Beige/Taupe/Linen colored cabinets.

So classy, and little more subtle than the bright white.

Another hot trend in kitchen is the color turquoise.

You’ll see it in traditional.

You’ll see it on all the cabinets.


To just on an island.


You’ll see it in various shades from bold to subtle.

Mixed with different colors.

It’s a trend that I predict, you will see more of in the future…

and if you think about it the color turquoise really goes with about any color you can think of beautifully. Seriously, sit and think about it in your head for a second. Can you think of a color it doesn’t go with?

Another color I would like to propose as a fun trend is yellow. But BE-WARE! If you decide to go this direction, which can be very beautiful you may want to hire a professional to help you select a yellow, which is probably the hardest color to get right. It even makes me a little nervous.

Think more on the lines of this beautiful Sarah Richardson designed kitchen.

Or this…

Although I like this yellow kitchen, it is on the borderline for me of being an egg that blew up all over the kitchen.

A couple colors that deserve honorable mentions are green…



From subtle to bold…

And if you are brave, red.





I hope some of these ideas are inspirational to you. Painted cabinets are not only a popular new trend, but a good way to disguise ugly outdated cabinets.

Good luck and happy Wednesday!


*I strive always to give credit where it’s due, but a lot of my photos are found in random google searches and aren’t always traced back to the original owner, if you recognize any of these photos, please let me know so I can credit them accordingly. Thanks!

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