Trend Watch: Navy Blue

Navy blue is a color that was hot in the nineties, but is coming back again. Now  I know what most of you are thinking: Burgundy, Forest Green, and Navy… yuck! No offense to those of you who still have that very popular 1990s decor… I graduated high school then… I could say I’m of that era too.  But if you are still rocking the 90s decor because you love the navy… here’s a fresh look at that color from the not so distant past… it’s definitely a trend to watch!

You’ll notice in most of these they are very monochromatic.   I think this works, but if it were me, I would punch it up with a little pop of color! 

In the picture above… I love the use of warm wood tones with navy blue.  I also think the whimsical octopus art is a real plus.  And I am a huge fan of the batten board wainscotting.

The above picture is in a model home I did… here’s my pop of color I talked about. You’ll also notice there is kind of a running them in these pictures.  Alot of these pictures have kind of a nautical/coastal feel to them.

This one’s not too coastal. Maybe a pop of orange in the way of a pillow here? What do you think?

Love the rich brown wood in the above room…


This picture is great.  I love the classic look of this bed with the more casual bedding.  I like the gray walls (here I go again) in this room.  There is just a touch of green on the nightstands, I think a nice celadon green would have been a great addition on the bed in the way of a pillow or throw would have been a really nice touch.

So as you can see here, navy blue has a whole new lease on life a decade later and is definitely a trend to watch!


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One thought on “Trend Watch: Navy Blue

  1. Jackie Whiting says:

    Where did the hurricane lamps come from in the room with the octopus? I would like to buy some like those.

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