Trend Watch: Mercury Glass

Mercury glass has been hot since last year, but it is still going strong and I love it!!  It has a mirrored effect so it creates a beautiful reflective surface in your home.  Mercury glass originated in the 1800s  because mercury is what mirrors used to be make of…. now is used as a decorative art glass. I love it year round, but it also is incredibly festive during the holiday months.

Here are some fun examples of contemporary mercury glass in action.

Adding a little sparkle to this simple Pottery Barn room.

I looks great in lamps as seen in this bedroom…

…and in this living room.

As vases with my favorite flower: hydrangeas.


A little sparkle on a coffee table.

I gives a festive feel for the holidays. Starting with Halloween/Thanksgiving… this is a nice look for someone who wants a little more classy approach to Halloween.

Fall colored flowers.

Dresses up your holiday dinner tables…

Or above your table.

Last year I did a class as well as a segment on Studio 5 about mixing sparkle with nature for a truly glamorous look for Christmas.

Mercury glass is a great way to do this…

Little pops of cranberry with greens give a timeless look.

I think this look is a lot of fun.

Just a few…



Good for wedding decor too.

As you can see it’s very versatile.

If you love the look of mercury glass, be sure to check out my online decor store when I open it in a couple of weeks.  I have a lot of fun mercury glass products on their way… and more decor items to soon follow!


Making the house you have, the home you want!

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