Trend Watch: Ikat

You probably have seen Ikat (it’s up for debate whether it’s pronounced ee-kat or eye-kat, pick your pleasure) Fabric showing up here and there… but I am predicting, that it is going to g0 viral in 2012.

Traditional Ikat is when the thread is died before weaving creating a tie-dye effect.  Obviously, that is much more expensive way.

But due to the rising trend you can get the knock off version much cheaper in a printed on version.

I think it is really cool, because you can use it any kind of design style.

From more of a modern feel…

To a more traditional feel.

It’s versatile too… Use it on a chair…

To add some interest to your dinner party…

Or even as something as simple as a throw pillow.

They are even putting it on wallpaper.

This pink and green bedding is really fun.

I am in love with these dining chairs.

I love how you can put it in a very formal room like this…

or this…

or use it for something more casual like this…

or this…

Is this a beautiful room… not sure I am like the wall treatment in the below room. I am all for going slightly over the top… but even I think this room is slightly over done.  But I love the ikat chairs.

Talk about over the top! This chair is over the top in a good way in my opinion…

I found this ikat fabric on and there is a pretty good chance it will make its way into my mailbox! 😉

What do you think? Are you liking the Ikat? Could you incorporate this look into your home design?

I am excited to see if my design prediction comes true… To be continued!

Happy Tuesday!




7 thoughts on “Trend Watch: Ikat

  1. Brandy says:

    Nope, sorry. I don’t think that is for me. I like my lines crisp and clean looking. It seems a bit too messy looking for me… But to each is own, I’m sure many other people love it and I’m sure you will be right with your prediction cause you are awesome like that!!

  2. Meredith says:

    Looking forward to ways to incorporate Icat into my new place! Yay! Not a lot but at least some pillows? Roman shades in the play room?

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  4. Annie says:

    You said that you found the fabric for the ikat chair on….I have been looking everywhere for this fabric….you wouldn’t happen to know the name of it??? Thanks for your help.

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