Toto… We’re not in Kansas (Arizona) anymore.

Wow. I could relate my life to so many movies right now… and I may indulge in a few. First off, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never no what you’re going to get.” (Forest Gump) Couldn’t be more true for my life right now.

Six weeks ago I was happily blogging… and DIYing away in my Arizona home. Increasing opportunities to do media appearances related to interior design in the Phoenix area… but then my cute husband was made a job offer we couldn’t refuse. He works in pharmaceuticals and his new company wanted to place him in a territory that would be covering the North East and could live anywhere in that territory. It was pretty much a no brainer where we would go with the majority of my husband’s family living in Maine, we had 9 days to tie up loose ends and get to Maine! Wowzers.

The first thing most people think of when they think of Maine is lobster.

Conveniently enough, my brother in law is a lobsterman, so as soon as lobstering season kicks in I will have to try it out. =)

Everyone says how amazing it is and I love sea food, but I don’ t know about you, but does the above look appetizing or a tiny bit scary with the antennae and claws? I am on the fence about how I feel about it, but not about trying it. As soon as lobster season kicks in I’m eating one of those red beady eyed little creatures!

The next thing most people think about when thinking of Maine are lighthouses. I like this one… it seems like something I got my hands on. 😉

But the Portland Headlight is probably the most famous light house there is and is about 30 minutes or so from where I am living.

So with visions of lobster and lighthouses in sight my husband and I furiously packed up our house, loaded our budget truck with the help of our lobsterman brother in law (whom I will be forever grateful to for flying all the way from Maine to help drive our moving van 3,000 miles back. Wow. Just wow.)

Not that I didn’t have enough to do I decided to finish painting my kitchen cabinets (photos forthcoming) and a bedroom before leaving. Yes. I have issues. But there are just a few projects I just couldn’t leave undone.

I am seriously trying to block out the 3,000 mile drive with 3 kids out of my memory… maybe we could call that movie, “Driving Miss Crazy”… JK.  But after 6 days of driving and seeing nothing but advertisements for “Adult Stores” (hey friends from the midwest, you’ll have to tell me what that’s all about;) when we arrived to this kind of beautiful scenery it quickly became a distant memory.

We moved to Topsham, ME where we have had the warmest welcome by Greg’s most amazing family. Seriously… we are so lucky.

 Since it was a somewhat unexpected move, my in laws have been nice enough to offer us a soft landing pad.  So yes… we are in our 30s and living with mom and dad! =) Haha. But it really has been great. I really did hit the jackpot in the in law department, No Monster-In-Law over here.

Since we just bought our place in Arizona a year ago we are staying here for a few months to save some money and hopefully buy another home this summer.

I have my eye on this house… I’m kind of hoping it sticks around for us.

We’re looking mainly in Topsham and also Brunswick.

Here is an arial shot of Topsham. Beautiful, no?

Here is a closeup.

Across the river from this is Fort Andross which is full of amazing flea markets… I have yet to visit it yet believe it or not–even though I am DYING to–because we all got RSV a few days after moving here. RSV is one nasty bug and it took us a couple weeks to recover. But I have a feeling I might make my way there this week! 😉 Like a kid in the candy store. It’s probably good I haven’t gone yet!

One more silly comparison to movies… and I just can’t help myself, but my daughter is really living in her “Twilight” fantasy world right now. She feels like Bella.  Moving from Arizona to an area that seriously resembles Forks and the scenery in the movies. No joke. . what’s really fun is there is even a meadow on my in laws 100 acres that resembles the meadow from the movies. But I keep reminding her that she’s too young to be looking for her Edward. 😉

So I apologize for the long break in blogging. My head is still spinning from such a massive uprooting. But I am slowly getting it screwed back on straight and you will be hearing from me a lot more.

To kick things off I will be announcing a fun giveaway next week.

And don’t worry about me being homeless. I have several sisters and a mother in law all willing to let me “Designed to the Nines” their spaces.

Happy Tuesday!







5 thoughts on “Toto… We’re not in Kansas (Arizona) anymore.

  1. Andrea says:

    dreamy places! I love AZ but I also fell in love with the East Coast when we visted in 2008 for a friend’s wedding. They got married in ME so beautiful!

  2. Heidi Ferguson says:

    Wow–it looks so gorgeous! I looked at realty in ME for awhile when we considered living there but I was having a hard time getting psyched up for the long cold winters. But I totally wanna come visit you!! I miss you–you’re still comin to SNAP right?

  3. NataLee says:

    Although I really haven’t done a winter here yet… I am thinking it can’t really be much more intense than Utah. But what do I know?! Yes… as of right now I am trying to come to SNAP. =)

  4. natalie anderson says:

    so sorry to tell you this NataLee…winter in Maine kicks winter in Utah’s butt all day long. Dress very, very warmly and pray you don’t get a blizzrd..or worse, an ice storm…..the plus side. When things get really bad, everyone gets a snow day at home. the whole town can shut down.

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