Those Who Live in Glass Houses….

Sorry for the delay in this, but between being under the weather (I must have caught it from Casey and Emily! LOL) and shooting some video footage for my upcoming segment on Studio 5 and taking care of my clients… I have been straight up out of commission, but I was excited to finally have another personal challenge on Design Star Sunday!  It was great to see all their individual styles when they transformed the glass boxes into spaces that translated their personal style as well as there show concept.

My favorite was Emily’s by far.  It was heads and shoulders above the others in my opinion.  I also loved her show concept…. and if you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you’ve heard me talk about this very concept (see ).  Your own personal fashion translating into a design you love. And it’s something I do with my clients all the time.  I have them show me their closet and their favorite outfits in their closets.

Emily’s Amazing Room:

Love the bright and light color palette mixed with the cowhide. Amazing!!!

Casey’s Room was next in line, but it wasn’t a close second.  I thought she should’ve stayed (especially since I had her pegged to win).  But you know my opinion on that by now…

I didn’t love the shade of yellow she used. It felt a little green and neon yellow.  A warmer version would’ve worked.  Also, it felt a little sparse which made it feel cold and univiting.  But the empty frames on the wall (which is a hot look right now) and the fabric on the ceiling were nice elements.

Michael’s “First time designer yuppies” room:

It was impressive he built a murphy bed in the allotted time, but was anyone else offended by his constant use of the phrase design yuppy? I’m no design yuppy and I was definitely put off by it…

I felt his wheel coffee table was clever, but had scale issues.

I loved his argyle chair though. =)

 Well…  Who’s it going to be folks?  Michael or Emily?  I think  Emily is going to win now…. I love her show concept. It really hasn’t been done, but Michael’s has been.  What do you think?  Which show would you rather watch?


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