Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Ideas

I am up to my eyeballs in moving boxes…. but I wanted to give you a couple of ideas for your Thanksgiving tables. Some are going to be easier than others to pull off. Most you can pull off with items you already have, or items from the grocery store. The others can be finished up with a quick trip to the craft store.

The first of my suggestions would be very simple to put together and they involve glass and candy corn.

Trifle dishes with candy corn and a simple white candle.

Pretty self explanatory and very easy.

I thought something like this would be really cute, but instead of saying candy it could say “Thanks” or “Grateful”… something like that.

Cherries or cranberries would be an easy filler.

Or nuts…

Acorns… you get the picture.

Here’s a combo… try tucking some old family photos in the vases…  Could spawn some fun dinner conversations.


Spray paint some pumpkins… and a little vinyl lettering.

This looks most like what the dinner table at mom’s house could look like… just a reminder to leave a little space for the food! 😉

Mix food with flowers…

You could eat this display!

Hope these are inspiring to you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!


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