9 thoughts on “Studio 5 Give Away…

  1. Sandra Koengeter says:

    I would love to win your made over furniture from KSL classifieds. I really love the table!

    Sandra Koengeter

    SandraAdvisor on Twitter

  2. Milissa Neilson says:

    Wow you rock! I love your edgy style that you can change out without feelin guilty! This comment is to apply for the giveaway and I could use some help on some trouble spots i have in my home deco!
    Thanks LADY!
    Milissa Neilson
    Syracuse Utah 801-510-1186

  3. Allison Orton says:

    I saw your clip on Studio 5 and I love what you’ve done with the “upcycling” of ksl classified goods. How do I enter to win the beautiful creations? I love that chair!!

  4. mary says:

    What do I need to do to win the super cute furniture makeovers? I too am a KSL.com classifieds fan, and have furnished most of my house that way. Of coarse my makeovers aren’t as darling as yours!

  5. Holly Hoth says:

    Hi I was just watching studio 5 and was interested in your give away. I especially loved the chair!!! How do you enter to win?

  6. Charity Bates says:

    I usually work during the day, but I took today off and I was outside with our horses and when I came into the house turned on TV and there you were on Studio 5 doing a $100 challange. I think the chairs you recoverd, the table, the lamp window were just amazing. I wish I had your talent to take old items and turn them into somethng so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with me your secrets and tips. I would love to win your remodeled items andput them in my home!

  7. Courtney says:

    I saw you on Studio 5 today and I loved the way you “upcycled” the furniture. It said to log on to win some of the furniture, but I can’t find where to enter…so I will leave you a comment. VERY CUTE! VERY FUN! Thanks for sharing your talents! 🙂 I am SOOO not talented in the decorating area, but am trying to redo my daughters room for as inexpensive as possible. I am humbled to see others that can do such amazing things!

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