Spooky Potion Labels

Looking for a good way to display your Halloween goodies? Gather up all your empty bottles… even salad dressing and pickle bottles and a can of spray paint.


Spray paint all the lids to match.

Then print some spooky Halloween potion labels, here.  Cut out and  attach with double stick tape (or spray adhesive).

And voile! Super cute candy containers!


This would be a great project to do with the kiddos.

Perch a glittery bird or two atop the jars and add some sparkle pumpkins for a little more pizzazz!

Okay… don’t judge me. I could have done a much better job styling this photo…

Yes. Those are dishes in the sink behind.  I hate doing dishes. I loathe them. Anyone come do them for me? =)

Anyway…Halloween is on Monday and I have been sitting here wondering what day I am going to get trick or treaters and what day I take my kids trick or treating… so what’s the verdict? What do you think?

Happy Thursday!








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