Spanish Tile Textural Wallpaper

My first project back isn’t really my first project here in Arizona, but it’s a good one.  I must confess this is my first real attempt at wallpaper (many, many moons ago I did a backsplash in wallpaper that looked like travertine).

I know a while back I told you wallpaper is once again. But this isn’t your grandma’s wallpaper.  It’s graphic, bold, and in no way frilly or fussy.

Here’s the result…


Yes, that is a queen size bed with a king size headboard.

Here’s the back story: I had been salivating over this headboard/bed in my design catalogs at work for months. It is by Stanley Furniture and is super expensive. The headboard alone would retail for around $2,000, the whole bed is close to $4,000. That is not in my budget, nor could I ever see it being in my budget. I am about saving money and being thrifty, but I loved it.

 So I walk into the Deseret Industries (thrift store) in Murray, Utah about a year ago and there is my headboard. Say what?! Brand new and in perfect condition. No way! I check the price tag- $200. Are you kidding me? I see everyone stopping to look at it, “They want $200 for a headboard? They can’t be serious… that’s ridiculous!” Everyone thought the price was outrageous. I am thinking, “You have NO idea… now back away from my headboard.”

I immediately find a worker and ask if they could do any better on the price and talked them down to $150!!!!!! A brand new Stanley headboard for $150… that is over 90% off folks!  It is so beautiful. Yes, it’s a little on the copper side, but I have tried to tone it down a bit with all the cool tones. Anyway, it was our plan to immediately buy a king size mattress upon our arrival here in Arizona, but my car did not survive the move (long story) and that money went to buying a car instead.  Maybe tax refund? I’m crossing my fingers.

Anyway, back to wallpapering.

I started by watching this “How To” video, by Lowe’s:

It was a good place to start. However, I have vaulted ceilings and all the instruction videos I found had you starting from one corner to the other. This definitely wouldn’t work because mine is a geometric pattern and I couldn’t handle it being off center. So I started from the center.

Here’s a picture of our master before we moved in:

It reminds me of a college dorm… but no more.

So I did the best I could taking pictures of the process, but that’s really hard when it’s just you and a one year old.

I found center and used a level to mark where the wallpaper should hang level on either side. This is EXTREMELY important. I would also check level along the way.

I used my master bath tub to wet the wallpaper because it was close and convenient for me. They tell you in the video to fold the wallpaper in on itself (paste side touching) this is good, but I found I needed to lift up the edges to allow water to seap inside… otherwise, I got some wet paste and other parts that were dry.

Follow the instructions in the video working out the air bubbles with gentle pressure so as to not squeeze to much paste out the sides. A little paste is good because it helps the edges lay down nicely. Make sure you have a sponge or towel to wipe down the wallpaper and walls as you go. You don’t want dried on glue afterwards.

Trim as you go (except window sills… I’ll explain later) using a straight edge and a snap off straight edge blade. My first inclination was to use the utility knives I already have, but went ahead and bought the snap off blade kind and I was glad I did. Trimming the wallpaper dulls the blade very quickly. Below was my trickiest spot. I just made a few relief cuts and took my time in getting it right.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the video that I would like to note is to keep checking for air bubbles along the way. Some appear after the fact. Gently work those out while it’s still wet. You may have some small ones I wouldn’t worry too much about because they will shrink as they dry, but larger ones need to be taken care of. 

We lucked out with a fan that matches my headboard. I would love to hang a beautiful chandelier, but a fan is a necessity here in Arizona and this one is nice.

The finished product. Another nice thing about this wallpaper (and most newer wallpapers in general) is they are supposed to be easily removed and pull off in whole strips. But I won’t be pulling this down anytime soon.

I continued it onto the angled wall so it finished out nicely.

What do you think it? What do you think of wallpaper in general?

Happy Thursday!


13 thoughts on “Spanish Tile Textural Wallpaper

  1. Misti says:


    I love your master bedroom. The wall paper looks awesome! I really love your drapes, they look so pretty! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house.

  2. shelley anderson says:

    OOOH I love it ….it looks great! A ton of work though I am sure. I actually like the headboard a little wider, who would’ve known that you can do that? I was just in AZ last weekend running in the Ragnar Relay.

  3. Shelley Smith says:

    I LOVE THIS! You did an AWESOME job! 🙂
    is the wallpaper gray?
    We’ve been looking for something similar.
    Where did you get it? what was it called?

    Lots of questions! Ha!

  4. NataLee says:

    Oops! I forgot to list the details on the wallpaper… was going to do that. I got it at Lowe’s–it is actually called Spanish Tiles–and I bought it a few months ago and recently saw it on a new commercial for them… it is $20 a roll which is an awesome price. It is an in stock item for them, that’s why the $ is so good. It is a taupe color, has a little gray in it but more tan.

  5. NataLee says:

    It is paintable… I tried this out to make sure it would work… it would be a little tedious though.

  6. AnonAmom says:

    Hi! Great look. Love the “oversize” headboard – all the more for it’s low, low price. Nie Nie has just re-done a room and includes a similar pattern.

    Hope you’re enjoying your new home!

  7. Molly Wynn says:

    Impressive but NOT surprised!!! ILOVE it! It looks so fabulous with all your fabrics and I love the subtleness! Also love your headboard and I’m stunned at your luck in getting it!……and of course I am in love with the nightstands and love the way it all works together! I’m excited to see the rest of what you do with your house!!

  8. longhornpete says:

    Did you end up painting the wallpaper at all? If so, how? I saw this same wallpaper last night at Lowes but had a different color in mind for our room. Would you have to paint each individual design in order to keep the metalic outline? Thank you!

  9. NataLee says:

    It’s great wallpaper isn’t it? I didn’t end up painting it just because when I put it up I ended up really liking it with the fabrics and palette I already had going. However, I did consider painting it at one point and did up a couple samples one in a chocolate brown and one in Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage paint seen in this post: It worked out well. However if you do want to keep the metallic outline you will have to paint each tile one by one. Time consuming, but beautiful! Good luck and let me know how it goes… =)

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