Simple, But Chic Trick or Treat Pillow

I LOVE THIS PILLOW!! I have to be honest, I am not usually a big fan of decorating for holidays other than Christmas because I don’t like getting stuck in the color rut of doing orange and black for Halloween, Red White and Blue for July 4th, etc. So I propose that more people start breaking that unwritten rule. What do you say?

The problem is, for the most part, retailers don’t agree. That is why this year I decided I was doing my own thing. Halloween is actually my 2nd favorite holiday… so I am going to decorate for it! The color palette is going to work with my decor (yours too if you take my challenge).

This project started out as a painter’s canvas drop cloth. You can pick up a 9 ft. x12 ft for like $8 or something around there… it ends up being like a $1 or so per yard.  I cut it in a square and tacked it to my wall.

I then used my trusty dinosaur opaque projector and traced on the words. If you own a vinyl cutter like normal people who aren’t still living in the ice ages like me, that would probably be much easier, but this worked just fine for me. If you don’t have either, don’t feel bad, you could try tracing paper to get the text on the canvas.

Here is what it looked like after…

I then used left over metallic oil rubbed bronze paint from my recent bathroom vanity makeover and filled in the lettering with a fine tipped small paint brush. I hardly used any paint at all.

Here is what it looked like. At this point I got really excited. Because I knew I was going to love the results. I then sewed the pillow together and added some piping out of the same material. I am not going to do a sewing tutorial now, because I am going to do a sewing video very soon!

But here is the finished product you have probably already seen by now…

My Halloween decor will compete with my existing decor NO MORE. It now blends in while making a massive statement.

 Who will join with me and start breaking out of the orange and black (and sometimes purple) mold?

Happy Thursday!

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