Seeding a Garden: Disaster or Triumph?

When my daughter and I went garage sale-ing last weekend she came across some seed packets and wanted and has had an interest in yard work lately (yay for me!).

So we we bought them and planted them up. Many years ago I worked in the floral business, one of the places I worked had a nursery/green house attached, but that in no way gives me a green thumb. But I did learn a thing or two from my time there. But I am in a new climate, with new soil, and frankly, I am a little late in getting things planted in the ground for the pending heat that is about to hit.  

For most of you, however, now is still a good time to start your seedlings. So here is a good tutorial if you are thinking of becoming a tiny bit more self sufficient like me, that is if I don’t royally screw this up… which very well could happen.

We are seeing a few tiny buds already, so I guess that is a good sign. =) We’ll keep you updated.


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