RyLee’s Bedroom Update (WIP)

This is still very much a work in progress (WIP) but I wanted to show what we have done so far and give you an idea where we are going with her room. Let me just say, I am slightly jealous =) that I am no longer a teen, because I LOVE this room!!

Here is what the room looked like when we bought it… it was feeling a little green.

After striping, before wallpaper (I didn’t clean her room… trying to teach her to keep it clean, maybe a little public humiliation will help! At least I didn’t show her floor!)

And the amazing after!! I adore the progress, but we still have a ways to go. Starting with the fact we are going to get rid of her current Shabby Chic furniture (if you live in AZ and are interested in it let me know). We are going to put a day bed under the window.


Get a new dresser and desk… those will be painted turquoise.

Plus art, bedding, pillows, etc. But I am happy so far. Watch for more updates to come.

The cost breakdown for this project so far, blows my mind. First off, I got the black paint off the free section of Craigslist!! The white paint was Oops! paint from Walmart (I always check oops paint at Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes- Watch for more projects with oops paint coming) for $9. The wallpaper was 3 single rolls at $18.99, so we’ll call it $60 basically. That means I got the walls done for under $70! Which for the impact, I think is really great. The window treatments were from Walmart for $12.99 a panel, the rod was from Ross for $11.99. 

Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this space so far.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Here is a link to a previous tutorial on how to wallpaper: http://designedtothenines.com/featured-content/spanish-tile-textural-wallpaper

7 thoughts on “RyLee’s Bedroom Update (WIP)

  1. Leanne says:

    I love the walls. I’m excited to see it with the furniture painted turquoise. How could any girl not love it? I would even now. How are you doing? I miss talking with you.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Those stripes and the wallpaper are amazing together! I’m envious of your painting skills. I am HORRIBLE at painting and I hate it! Any tips on that are always welcomed, especially since we are getting ready to paint both my older 2 kids rooms this summer. Thanks as always, NataLee!!!

  3. jen says:

    seriously – where is that wallpaper from? i’ve neve seen anything that beautiful and bold for under 100 a roll!

  4. NataLee says:

    I know! I am so obsessed with it and smile every time I walk past her room. The cheapest I had found similar was $75 and I like this even more! I got it from The Wallpaper Market in Mesa, AZ. They said they could order it in and ship it anywhere, there phone # is (480) 497-6666. I don’t remember what it’s called. Just tell them it’s the bold Black and White Damask NataLee Callahan bought. It is sold in double rolls for $37.98 (or they’ll let you return a single roll if you live locally, making it $18.99 per single roll which I am doing this week).

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