RyLee Day Bed/Room Update

This post has been kind of a long time in the making… for the past week I have been thinking the baby was going to arrive any minute with the amount of painful and consistent contractions, but no dice. The contractions aren’t doing anything at all. No sleep from the long painful contractions = exhaustion all the time. I am pretty sure at this point my baby won’t be arriving until my scheduled c-section on July 6. Oh well.

Back to my project. After searching Craigslist for weeks to find a good day bed for RyLee’s room, I found this West Elm beauty for $80! I couldn’t hardly believe it. I did something I rarely do… I offered full price plus an additional $20 if they delivered it to me. They agreed! I couldn’t believe it.  This sells right now at West Elm for $450, so this was a major steal.

It was dark brown and that really didn’t work for my room. I had to either paint it black or white. Black would have been the MUCH easier route. But I really felt white was the way to go to avoid it getting too heavy in there. It took 2 cans of primer and 6 cans of ultra coverage spray paint. So it was an additional $20 for paint. I really am glad I went white.  I am still looking for a dresser and a student desk for her room, which I will paint turquoise for more color. 

Then I got an assortment of pillows from thrift stores, clearance stores, or made them. They ranged from $1-$4 a piece.

I think my daughter is really going to love this look.

I also found this amazing Morrocan/Moorish style end table at Ross for $25. It was perfect. I had planned on making of refurbishing something, but this was even more perfect than that… and no work at all.

I am happy with the progress… am praying for a good night’s rest so I can get some more projects done before the baby comes!

Happy Thursday!


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