Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

This cake is REALLY fun and always a huge hit! I made this last year for “New Beginnings” which is an LDS activity we do once a year for young women aged 12 to 18 and another once a year activity for the girls is “Young Women in Excellence”. Since the cake was such a hit at “New Beginnings”, I was asked to make it again for this year’s “Young Women in Excellence”.

The recipe or How-To:

You start out by making a vanilla or butter cake mix… or probably even get away the yellow or any neutral colored cake mix. You can make it with the cake mix and just one 12 oz. can of Sprite… and that’s the low-calorie version. It’s a little fluffier this way, but this time, I just made the batter the traditional way with oil and eggs and everything.

After you make the cake mix you divided into six equal parts. Then you color each one of them one color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. I used gel coloring, but you could use liquid. Make sure the color is intense.


Then you want to get two 9 inch round pans and you will start by pouring 1/2 of the purple on the bottom (because you reserving the other half for the other layer) and then you go just in order of color rainbow starting with purple first and ending red, and then you do the exact reverse on the other layer and you start with red and end with purple. So you’re trying to create a bull’s-eye effect, like this:


Then you just bake it according to the boxes instructions and frost in your favorite white fluffy frosting recipe (or purchase). I have also used Cool Whip as a frosting. Its really that easy! I added sprinkles just for fun on top.

I forgot to take a final picture and so I’m lucky that a friend took a picture for me!

So here’s the finished product… so cute!


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