Quick Tip Tuesday: Smelly Laundry

Have you ever spaced the fact that you started a load of laundry and a day or two later been reminded by a not so lovely aroma?


I know this has happened to the best of us (or at least I hope I’m not the only laundry space cadet out there). Well, you are going to have to rewash the clothes… but that doesn’t always get the sour out… baking soda works okay, but you know what works the best? Vinegar!


“Fight sour with sour?” you might ask. Yes! I don’t know exactly how or why, all I know is this little trick I have used time and time again for forgotten laundry or puke covered bedding. 😛 1/2 cup for a load… you can add a little more if it’s particularly aromatic… and sometimes for an added boost I throw in a little baking soda, but only if it’s really bad. Vinegar has a ton of fantastic uses and I will share more in the future… and have already shared previously that vinegar works fantastic in stripping and prepping cabinets/furniture for paint.

I am on a mission to rid stink from your home and laundry. Up next time on D2N how to rid your home/space from smoke smell/bad odors. We had to do this in the home we purchased before we could move in.

Love you guys,

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