Pottery Barn “Noel” Sign Knock Off Out of Foam Core… Say What?

Basically, I am using my opaque projector for everything these days. Too bad it is such a dinosaur and is HUGE! =) Maybe one day I’ll be able to get an Art O Graph projector.  Until then…

You guys are going to be so impressed by the photography for this tutorial… PA- THET-IC!  I don’t know whether you should blame the photographers or the camera… probably both.  Another thing on my wish list! LOL.

So I am knocking a bunch of things off this week, but I promise I have got a BUNCH of original ideas coming too.  Do not despair.

I have seen a lot of knockoffs of the PB Noel sign, but I bet you haven’t seen one done with foam core. We’re talking maybe $1 on this project. 

Here’s our inspiration:

Here is my mockup I made on www.picnik.com. Love that site… use it ALL the time to hide my POOR photography skills.

Obviously I didn’t use it on the following photos…. =) Here is it being projected onto foam core.

Since it is black I use a metallic paint pen which reflects in the dark while I am tracing image on the black.

This picture is awesome! My hubby took it. =P Nice part…. anyway, I used an X-acto knife to cut it out.

I sprayed it bronze. I always have this on hand.

This is not sturdy folks!  And it is a little imperfect in my X-acto knifing (ha! That sounds dangerous!;)This is probably a one year use, so if you want something that holds up a little better, I found these letters a Michaels right now (mine was out of the letter E), but these would be perfect. They are $3.99 each. But you could use a coupon or see if they’re on sale…

Here’s my finished product. However, I already relocated it to it’s new home… I like it a ton in it’s new location… coming soon!

Here is the original and my knockoff. Not too shabby considering.

Hope you enjoyed! More Christmas projects to come… every day this week. Next week on Tuesday I’m hosting a Twitter party on how to have chic holiday decor and a photo contest for the UGLIEST/TACKIEST holiday decor with a prize for the ugliest. Details to come soon!!!

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Pottery Barn “Noel” Sign Knock Off Out of Foam Core… Say What?

  1. Molly says:

    Love it! I taught this project at a craft night recently… We used MDF letters and sprayed the the same bronze, then glued together! Foam core is much cheaper for sure!

  2. Zakka Life says:

    I like how you used the projector to trace your letters. That would have saved me a lot of time instead of printing and cutting them out. Our projects may have turned out different but we have one thing in common for sure, great taste! 😉

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