Pink Peonies: Pottery Barn Knock Off (Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea)

I’m really excited about this week’s YouTube Tutorial because I dupe a very expensive Pottery Barn Pink Peony Floral arrangement, that retails for $369 on Pottery Barn’s website:

Check out how I put it together in this week’s episode of “Designed to the Nine” here:

Here is the side by side comparison:

I am really happy with how it turned out… what do you think of this dupe?

Additionally, I dupe a smaller peony arrangement from Pottery Barn ($179) for my brand new IGTV channel here:

It is not quite as exact and precise as the bigger arrangement primarily because I use leftovers from the bigger arrangement. But I do it for less than $10 and you definitely get the essence of it.


Here  is a list of supplies I used for this Pottery Barn Inspired Pink Peony Arrangement:

Pink Peony Bunches:

Plus I got Hot Pink Peonies at Michael’s

Vase Alternatives (I got mine at the Goodwill, if you don’t have luck at thrift store here’s an option):

Fake Water kit (exact product I used, but I bought mine at Michael’s with a coupon):

Cheaper Water Kit (You will need 1 ½ packages for main project):

Floral Wire Cutters:

E6000 Adhesive:

Dollar Tree Candlestick Used:


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What do you think? Was this a good dupe?











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