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Part II to “F-Word, But It’s Not What You’re Thinking” is taking even more time than I anticipated as I am trying to be very thorough, but in the meantime, I need help from my 5 loyal followers. 😉

I am struggling to decide a fabric for my kitchen window.

It’s naked right now…

Here’s 3 options…

And one more I decided to throw in for kicks and giggles. The script fabric on the chair.

Here’s a reminder of the adjoining dining room.

Some additional information that might help you make your decision.

Option 1 is obviously on the captain’s dining chairs, and throw pillows on the adjoining living room, so it’s a prominent fabric, but it’s the fabric that ties my entire color scheme together and I love it.

Option 2 is a damask fabric and the colors are perfect. I like this probably the most as far as complimenting the drapes next to it, but I did just buy this wallpaper:

And I am planning on using it on the backs of my shelves in the dining room and in the laundry room, and they are not identical damask patterns.

Option 3 is almost the exact reverse of the drapes… Too matchy, matchy?

Option 4, the script fabric is on the chair in the adjoining living room and nowhere else.

Finally, I am going to give you an Option 5, just in case you all think I’m on the wrong track altogether. And it is: scratch all these options and do something else entirely.

Please leave your decision in the comment and help a designer out…




3 thoughts on “Pick My Cafe Curtain

  1. Echo Dawn Williams says:

    Option #4
    Less “heavy” kitchens should be light and airy…a homey feel
    But option #3 would look okay too.

  2. Jenna says:

    I’m torn between 1 and the script…#1 ties it all together but I think the script is whimsical and a fun option for the kitchen 🙂

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