Painted Granite Video Tutorial: Part 1

Here is the first of several videos I made during my countertop makeover.

Here is what my counters looked like before:

A kind of bluish gray and white formica… not the ugliest formica I’ve ever had in a house I’ve owned… where was this product when I had mauve counters? Yes. Pink counters. Bleh! =P

You’ll notice I have a black porcelain sink that stands out like a sore thumb.

So I started out by taping off my counters…. Now I didn’t do a ton of taping because I am painting the cabinetry this month, but if you want to keep your cabinets safe, make sure you tape them off well and maybed use some paper or plastic to protect from any splattering or drips.

Then roll on the first coat, which is the mineral based primer.


Now the copper/bronze coat is supposed to go on 3rd in the sponging process (which is explained in greater detail in the instructions) but I put it on first because I didn’t want it to the focus, but rather just catch glimpses of it.

The key in this process is randomness. NO PATTERNS!

I next applied the pearl color with a scrunched up plastic bag. Which creates lots of randomness andveining.

Then I sponged on the black. You can start to see the look of natural stone coming along.

I have another video tutorial on the sponging process coming tomorrow.  So see you then!

Happy Monday!





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