Not Your Grandma’s KMart!

Shopping at Kmart is somewhat Nostalgic for me. Growing up with one just up the road from me… that’s where we shopped for Christmas, school clothes, and pizza. That’s right! When I think of Kmart I think of Little Caesars.


So when I walked into my local Kmart to buy some Christmas ornaments and smelled the Pizza, the memories came flooding back and it felt a little full circle for me having my own children in tow (they pretty much go everywhere with me).


Did you know they still sell popcorn tins? LOL. We always got a few of those growing up from neighbors.

 Over the years I have totally had it in my mind that Kmart = Grandma. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I just didn’t equate Kmart as being hip or on trend at all. So after I got through reminiscing over my childhood memories and rounded a display to head toward the Christmas section and so this super chic “perfect for your holiday party” outfit… I did a total double take. Did you see those houndstooth tights??? Ummm… have to have those!


So I went to find the tights and this is where I got totally distracted. You guys!!! Kmart has CU-UTE shoes!  These definitely went on my Christmas list! Aren’t they soooo sassy?!  Since pregnancy made my feet grow and none of my shoes fit.

I might need a couple pair. 😉


Focus.  Back to what I came here for. CHRISTMAS!

AAAaaahhhh!!! (Imagine me singing this in my mind in my best opera voice!)


There Christmas section was WAY bigger than I was expecting.  Did you know Jaclyn Smith makes Christmas trees too? She’s one busy little elf.


Dear Santa… my 2 year old found what he wants for Christmas… and in typical 2 year old fashion threw a tantrum upon getting out, but quickly forgot all about it when he saw the giant snow globe.


Still looking for the ornaments I saw these yummy smelling candles in an adorable knitted cozy that would make perfect neighbor gifts! Just tell them you made it. 😉


When I finally make my way to the ornaments after my kid in a candy store, distracted, ADD style shopping I about have a coronary when I find out they have mercury glass ornaments… That’s right. Mercury glass ornaments. Mercury glass completely on trend right now… and it can run you upwards of $6 to $7 each easy… and that’s if you can find them. These lovely little acorns were on sale (and you know me, I NEVER pay full price for anything) for $2.67 each. A steal! I had a photo, but I have chose to withhold it because I bought them to go on my tree… so you’ll just have to wait! 😉


 By now my baby is crying (this photo was taken just before he lost it) and my 2 year old has had it: Time to check out before it gets ugly.


My baby Camden puked on me as I was checking out… and in the end, my checker was a friendly grandma type, but I’m telling you… this is NOT you’re grandma’s Kmart. Kmart is super chic, on trend, and down right awesome!

All this holiday shopping got me motivated to set up Christmas/make Christmas projects… so that will be coming up next week!

Happy Saturday night!



**I was compensated for the original post I did on Google+, but not for this post. This was a freebie. I shared this with you all because I had a good time and found some REALLY awesome stuff I wanted to share. The opinions expressed were mine alone.


4 thoughts on “Not Your Grandma’s KMart!

  1. Brandy says:

    Haha, I love your post. I too think of my grandma when I go to Kmart. I don’t really shop there often but Christmas decorations are THE BEST there! I always hit them up after Christmas for the discounted items! That’s where we scored our tree a few years back after Christmas, and our tree skirt too! 🙂 Can’t wait to see all your lovely Christmas decor ideas.

  2. Meredith says:

    I have got to go and get some mercury glass ornaments…perfect compliment to the now gray house! Power and southern right?

  3. NataLee says:

    Yes… it’s on Power and Southern…unless there is one closer to your new home? I LOVE gray. Obviously. This is going to sound weird, but I’d also recommend the 99 Cent Only store as well. However, I’ve kind of cleared out Baseline/Power. I will be posting pictures soon, but I got the majority of my ornaments there this year and I am surprised how nice they look. And they’re non breakable, which is perfect because my 2 year old thinks they’re balls! 😉

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