NataLee’s Favorite Things…

In honor of Oprah’s favorite things… you’re seeing across the blogosphere everyone’s favorite things.  Here is my list of favorite things:

1. I know it’s not a product, but I would feel wrong about having any favorite list without my most favorite thing in the world being listed first… and that is my wonderful family!

Now for the products….

2. Sushi. There is no better food in the world than really good sushi… on the flip side… there is nothing worse than bad sushi.

3. Vanilla bean cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. I know it’s like a billion grams of fat and calories, that’s why I don’t eat this favorite all the time. Maybe it makes it that much better!

4. The Twilight series books, music, and movies. I know… I know. Yes I’m on the bandwagon, what can I say?

5. Bruno Mars Music… from “Just the Way You Are” to his latest “Grenade” I am really digging his music right now. So, so sexy! Words every girl wants to hear all the time. Aahhhh!

6. Heavenly by Victoria Secret perfume. Feminine and what can I say? Heavenly!

7. Great pair of heals… especially animal print. When you’re not feeling so hot about yourself, slip on a pair of these and it’s hard not to feel a little sexy!


8. Scentsational (Scentsy knockoff) Candle Warming system at Walmart. I like these because, not only do they smell fantastic, but they are way cheaper all around than the alternative. 

9. My sewing machine. This is one of two best friends of mine when it comes to decorating!  I couldn’t live with out it and this puppy was only $169 at Walmart… and it runs great!

10. Paint. Especially the Restoration Hardware colors. Paint is my other decorating best friend… from wall paint to spray paint.  It hides a lot of ugly and makes for dramatic transformations.

11. Mercury glass or anything shiny. Mixing this with a little rustic creates a beautiful look.

Hope you enjoyed my “Favorite Things”! What are some of your favorites?


Making the house you have, the home you want!

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