NataLee 9-1-1: Nursery Color Challenge

Ashley from Washington writes:

We are expecting our baby boy any day now and have a design dilemma with the nursery (not yet finished). I wanted to do something different than just the typical baby blue walls, so I picked an accent color from the bedding. The theme is old fashioned cars and has all the primary colors in it but mustard yellow. As you’ll see from the pictures, the inside of the bumper is light blue and navy blue. This pattern really seems to clash against the green. We decided to keep the color of the walls, but it just seems so abrasive and bright. I think some light-colored curtains and wall decor will really help the whole feel of the room, but I’m really at a loss! Here are some pictures. Thanks for your help!

I salute you for not getting stuck in the baby blue wall rut and being brave and picking a bold color.  You are on the right track and I have a couple of different ideas you could use to make your color make more sense. 
First, make a focal wall. In the following pictures you will see almost the same green you used in your bedroom.  But it’s toned down by a focal wall, curtains, and more furniture.  This is a good example of the potential your nursery has.
Add some white furniture to break up the bold color.
I would frame out the windows in your nursery in a deep blue.  Make sure they just touch the floor. 
This may be shown in pinks, but something similar in blues, creams, reds while still keeping some of the green would make a great accent wall.
Add this art… cute vintage car pictures I found on would add a nice touch to the theme of the bedding.
Ashley… congrats on your new baby!  We’d love to see some pictures of your finished room and the little guy.

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