NataLee 9-1-1: Mediterrenean/Moroccan Kitchen and Baths

Ashli from Costa Rica writes:

Hey NataLee! 
We are building a house and I’m having decorating struggles with bathrooms and the kitchen. The design of the house is Moroccan with a courtyard in the middle that goes up the two floors to a sky light. I love the Mediterranean style and have been trying to keep that as my palette. If you have photos of this style, I would appreciate anything you have and some advice.
Thank you and again, well done on the website.


Congratulations on your new home Ashli!  Hopefully you’ll be able to find some inspiration in my answers.

There are three main elements when decorating in a Mediterranean/Moroccan style:  dark wood cabinets, iron/metal accents, and warm rustic walls/floors.

We’ll start with dark wood cabinets.

Every once in a while you might also see a painted cabinet too.

Here’s a mediterranean kitchen with the color of the year (Turquoise) in it… I love it!

Notice in the above picture the dark butcher block counters… I like the combination against the turquoise. Another good counter option is granite or some sort of natural stone.

There is one thing that is consistent in all three picture: heavy iron chandeliers and other iron elements.

The third element is warm, rustic walls and floors.  Here is a good example of this in a bathroom.

Tumble travertine or limestone are great bathroom and kitchen flooring options.  Again in this picture you’ll notice more warm wood and iron works. Also notice the ornateness of the accents.

Color palettes for these rooms should include: reds, golds, greens, and browns in rich, saturated tones.

A few other fun Moroccan elements that you may want to try out are the Gothic arch and henna detailing.  The following two photos display this.

This color palette is a more contemporary take on Moroccan design.

In the picture below is another example of a popular Moroccan element: Henna designs.


How fun would this be in a bathroom… or even a bedroom?!

Well, Ashli I hope this helps… we would love to see the finished product!


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  1. tera w says:

    curious about how or where you got the henna wall design for the green painted bathroom pic. I would love to use this in my bedroom.. thanks, tera

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