NataLee 9-1-1: Large Alcoves

Julie Madsen from Texas writes:

I LOVE your Blog.  It is so cute.  Robert and I moved to Texas, and we love our new home.  However, we are stumped when it comes to these 2 HUGE niches in our living room.

You can see, they are big and deep.  I would appreciate any
suggestions you have for them.  We don’t want to spend a ton of money,
so hopefully you can find some “budget friendly” items.

NataLee says:

Wow! What a beautiful room with great potential. But this is a Texas sized design dilemma. Here is my advice:

1. Get rid of the alcove over the fireplace. It is off-center and distracting from the true focal point: the fireplace. I think what happened here is the builder, in an attempt to add architectural interest added these two massive alcoves.  The problem is he should have stopped with one. But this is an inexpensive and relatively easy fix. Hire a professional drywaller to cover the hole because you don’t want to see the seams. Prime then paint.

**To make this a true show piece, I would aso recommend adding some molding (as shown below). Both scenarios would benefit by having a large oversized mirror over the mantel.

2. Add some brick. As for the remaining alcove, what I recommend is to use the same brick and mortar and brick the entire interior of the alcove and trim surrounding.

A less expensive alternative would be to brick around the outside of the alcove and find a premade wallpaper mural to put on the inside.

Or even less expensive leaving as is or another painted accent color.  You could even do in phases to defray the cost.  However, I really think the same kind of brick would be a lovely addition.

In all scenarios a large clock would be a nice addition.  Something like this:

This 50″ clock retails for around $100 and makes a nice statement:

Flank the clock with some large (6′) topiaries.

Good luck and I would love to see pictures of your results!!!  Thanks Julie. Great design dilemma. Hope this was helpful.


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3 thoughts on “NataLee 9-1-1: Large Alcoves

  1. Andrea says:

    I would love to see these pictures, but they are not showing up for me. Is this a problem with the website or my computer?

  2. NataLee says:

    I am having technical difficulties on my website… I am trying to resolve. Please check back.

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