NataLee 9-1-1: Above the Windows

Hi Natalee,
I’ve been very impressed with the advice you’ve given others, and I’m hoping you can help me too. I have a large space above my kitchen windows that is 15 feet wide and 3 1/2 feet tall. I’ve tried to do some window treatments, and just don’t know how I feel about them. What do you think, and what can I put above the curtains?

Thanks a bunch,


First off Treasure… Beautiful kitchen!!!!  And thank you for following my blog!  Spread the word…

As far as your window treatments go, not too bad.  I might have suggested fabric with a little more color and pattern to them, but really they are pretty good.  However, I do think you need to treat the window to the left with some fabric as well…  it looks a little lonely all by itself.  Just treat it exactly the same as the other windows and it will feel so much more finished. 


Now to your main question.  What to do with the space above your windows.  When I first saw yor pictures I had three thoughts. First off, I thought mirrors to act almost as transom windows and reflect the light around the room. Next, I thought of metal art to continue the theme a little more and add some interest.  I found these on

(The two on the ends are not to scale. The height dimensions should match up the one in the center.  This is how I would lay it out over your windows.) 

 But then I thought, “Why not combine my two ideas?”  This is something I have done before with a client and it turned out very nice.  Take this metal art to a glass shop and have them back it with mirrors.  So not only do you get the interest of the art, but the reflection of the mirrors.

 My third thought when I saw your kitchen was that it reminded me of a home that was in the Parade of Homes (down in St. George, Utah) a few years ago.  I couldn’t find the pictures of the kitchen, but in the kitchen and also some other areas they had brick exposed through the plaster.  Like shown here:

It would probably be a little hard to retrofit real brick now that your home is done…

But there are some really great faux finishers out there that could give you a really great look.

Just a thought.

Well, I hope my ideas have been helpful.  Would love to see pictures of what you come up with.



“Making the house you have, the home you want!”

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