My Favorite Kitchen: Classic White

So my recent NataLee 9-1-1 post got me thinking about kitchens I love… to me the quintessential white kitchen (shaker door front) is what it’s all about.  It’s classic, but you’ll see in my featured photos it can be contemporary. It’s fresh and clean. Here is just a small sampling:

In this kitchen I also like the lighting, the marble subway tiles, and the clean lines of the bar stools.

I love the simple lighting, and the juxtaposition of the rustic nature of the table atop the graphic nature of the flooring.

I like the contrast of the floor and the counters to the white cabinet.

This has a very Hampton’s feel, which I love.

I love the rustic butcher island with its blocked top.

I love the color palette of this one.

I love the lighting, the seating, and the oversized chunky clock.

I love the citrus green color in this room with the warmth of the hardwood floors and the contrast of the black countertops.

I love how traditional this feels in a very contemporary way.

Enjoy my favorite kitchens!


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