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 Remember a couple of months ago when we featured House of Smith’s ( amazing pantry makeover? Well, her beautiful makeover not only inspired me, but motivated a movement of pantry makeovers.  I was hoping to follow suit in our new home in Arizona, but the home we’re trying to buy doesn’t have a traditional pantry… so I will have to come up with something else that’s clever. Back to the inspirational pantry…

So I have seen a couple of pantries inspired by House of Smiths’, but this is my favorite, by far. This one was done by a blogger I just found tonight: Amber Lane Living. I really like her blog so far… I think we would get along great, she’s a girl after my own heart.
Here is the after:Photobucket

Here is where she began:

Instead of vinyl quatrefoil she opted for fabric and scrapbook paper attached with Mod Podge and contact paper. Not a bad method. Another option might have been to soak the fabric in liquid starch and apply it like wallpaper.  Or, if you were going to do this… there are a multitude of great wallpapers out there now as well. But I can see why she used this fabric, it is really great. 

Fabric up…

Scrapbook paper up… as well as a little spray painted decorative trim.

More great labeled containers.

I would probably gain weight if I had a pantry this lovely… because I would go in all the time to grab a snack just so I could look at it.

Again, the finished work of art!

Maybe I can make an addition on my hopefully (cross your fingers because it’s a short sale) new home, just so I can have a great pantry like these ladies.



Making the house you have, the home you want!

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