Monogram a Pillow

Things that are monogrammed or numbered are awesome! It just adds that little bit of customization to something that would otherwise be boring. 

I bought a pretty basic blue and green cotton  pillow sham at the DI (thrift store) for $1. I recognized it as a Target brand sham and it was in great condition. But there wasn’t anything special about it. But I knew I could change that. I started with some hot pink and green zebra print scrap fabric from a chair I “slipholstered” a few months ago. So it was basically free. I bought a package of Heat n’ Bond from Walmart for $2.50 (didn’t use more than 1/3 of it).

This gets ironed onto the back of the Zebra fabric.

Now I used my opaque projector to get my letter onto the fabric, but you could do several different methods. If you have a Silohuette or Cricut machine (I am in the stone ages still and don’t have one=( ) that cuts fabric, this would be a great project to use it on and will come out flawless. You could also use a stencil. I then cut out the R (for RyLee, of course!).

Peel off the Heat n Bond backing and then center it on to the pillow sham.

Then iron it onto the sham. You could stop here according to the Heat n Bond product, but this is far too unfinished for me so I did a tight zig zag to finish out the edges. I did it in Black thread to make it pop more.

Looking at it now I may add some big black pom pom fringe around the edges, but I will wait and decide when I have all her bedding together. Right now she doesn’t even have a bed… I think I am going to build her a day bed. I know. Crazy me!! But I have a vision in my head and I can’t find what I am looking for and if I could I am sure it would be very pricey. 

Something on the lines of this…

but in a black or white vinyl.

Finally, I would like to apologize for the slow down in projects and postings on here. I have had a relatively easy pregnancy, but now that I am nearing the end, I am having a little harder time with energy and get winded walking from one room to the other these days. This is SO not like me, I am usually on fast forward (after all my maiden name was Quick). But these days I am running much slower.  I will do the best I can until this baby comes and hope nesting syndrome sets in soon!

Until then…

Happy Friday!


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