Model Home Decor: Day Break

So a couple of months ago a friend and I hit some model homes out in Day Break  in South Jordan, Utah.  A common theme you will notice is the same color scheme running throughout each home.

House #1

Navy  Blue, White, and Taupe

I really like the spray painted branches in the vases. This is a great look year round, and add a little sparkle and would be good for around the holidays.

I like the fabric used for the curtains.

Beautiful Kitchen.

You don’t always need a headboard for a designer look…

Sleek Master Bedroom.

One thing that could have been done a little better in this home is a little more pop of color.

You could still keep the navy and white, but add a pop of orange or green in different rooms.

House #2

I really liked this house… it made me think of my wedding… I think you’ll see why.

Reds, oranges, and greens are obviously a color scheme I like.  It is fresh and citrus-y in this home.

How cool is this backsplash layout? Great idea… try it out! 😉

Lots of fun textures in this house.

This would be a fun place for teens to hang out.

I like this paint treatment, doesn’t use a lot of paint, wouldn’t be to hard to do, and it frames out art or pictures nicely.

I love this bedroom. What a fun wall treatment…

…and fun pillows  to boot!

Check back tomorrow for an AWESOME product I found.  I am soooo excited about it!


Making the house you have, the home you want!

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