Michael Bails on Interview

As you know, we usually get interviews from the cast of Design Star from my friend Robin Callan from Room Fu for her blog, Fu For Thought… unfortunately, there will be no interview with Michael.  Here’s what she posted on her website:

After jacking my schedule around yesterday (interview scheduled with four hours’ notice, then cancelled it three hours later), he was late for our rescheduled interview this morning and kept me waiting 39 minutes.  Journalists might be more accommodating in order to get an interview with a pseudo-celebrity, but I’m a designer.  I charge by the hour.  If I’m going to give up billable time to this little endeavor, there’s a limit to how much I’m willing to donate.

So I told him to suck it.  Or rather, I told my awesome contact at the PR firm to tell Michael he can suck it.  She was probably nice and said something like, “I’m afraid Robin doesn’t have time now to do the interview.”

But really, he can suck it.

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