Major Life Changes: This Blog is Now Gluten Free!

Hi everyone! My apologies for it being so quiet over here at D2N.  This is mainly due to a major lifestyle change at our home that has me neck deep in research and has me learning to cook all over again.

We are going gluten free (GF) for our 2 year old son mainly, but also for my husband for whom my son is a carbon copy of.

Since my son was born feeding time has been a major source of stress. It’s so hard as a mom when one of your main jobs is to feed your child and watch them flourish and hopefully turn into a fat little baby and they won’t eat.

I watched him drop into the 3% in weight and instead of a rolly polly little man I had a skeleton baby (albeit very adorable but nonetheless skinny) and I was questioning my competency as a mother.

Doctors and moms telling you how to fatten them up… other doctors and moms telling you not to worry about it… “they will eat if they’re hungry”. The only constant was milk or “MEE-YOKE!” as Conner is famous for saying.  Again the doctors and good intentioned moms, “Don’t let him drink so much milk, he’s getting full on that and not eating other food.”  I tried withholding milk to get him to eat and he literally would NOT eat anything. I am talking amounts where you would wonder how the kid was still alive.

Lately we resulted to force feeding the first couple of bites because usually through the screams and the tantrums of the first forced bite of food he would decide that he liked the food and eat more.

About a year ago things started to get worse and he was tested for everything from Whooping Cough to Cystic Fibrosis.  I was relieved that it wasn’t any of those things, but he was diagnosed with asthma and has gotten Croup about every other month.

Out of desperation and not wanting to take my son for yet another Decadron (steroid) shot and him screaming all the way through his nebulizing (breathing treatments) I posted on my Facebook page and got some wonderful and interesting suggestions from all you wonderful Designed to the Nines friends… several of which I am taking.  So thank you!

Gluten was one suggestion that really struck a chord with me (thank you Jena)… it had been something that had been sticking out in my mind (maybe inspiration?), due to several conversations I had with friends last week alone (thank you Lindsay, Brandy, and Kristine). Maybe the big guy upstairs was trying to tell me something through good friends and family.

The more research I did, the more I was affirmed that going GF was the thing to do for my family.

Here were a couple things I found in my researching that REALLY surprised me:

*There is a strong link between chronic croup and gluten allergy.

*There is a recently released study linking asthma to gluten allergy.

*Some other signs/symptoms of celiac: super skinny arms and legs, failure to thrive (low weight), upset stomach (which in young kids=not wanting to eat), pale stools (won’t go into that).

Several other factors played into this decision, but mainly my gut is telling me I finally found the answer.  However, I have not had my son tested for a wheat allergy. Since my husband Greg basically has all the same symptoms we may have him tested to spare Conner the needle.  But it doesn’t really matter too much because I am already seeing positive signs with my son.

In the past 6 days since dropping gluten from our diet, my son is eating A LOT.  Well, a lot for him. 2 gluten free pancakes in the morning, GF macaroni and cheese or sandwich for lunch, and something like shrimp tacos on corn tortillas for dinner. He is eating well and without force… and that is good enough for me. He’s eating like I’ve never seen him eat before and keeps saying, “hungry” and eating more. And he seems to be getting over his croup well (and with out a decadron shot).

I know it’s a little early to tell the long term effects, but even with all the changing I am going through over here, there is a certain pinkness in my son’s cheeks that has me feeling like my prayers for my son have finally been answered and a lot in part to this blog. Thus, one of the reasons I post… first to say thanks and second to raise awareness and hopefully help someone else who might be searching for reasons their little one is sick and/or not eating.

Finally, I will get some more design related posts up soon. I hope you understand the delay, as I have always said… I love my family and so they will ALWAYS, always come first no matter what. I hope you understand.

P.S. Feel free to share your thoughts, stories, recipes, etc. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Major Life Changes: This Blog is Now Gluten Free!

  1. ange says:

    I love the recipes on this site and we are not gluten free but all the recipes are! Wonderful place to find some easy and kid friendly recipes for your family. I know a many people are Gluten Free and I’ve recently seen a few restaurants featuring gluten free menus. You are a wonderful mom and so happy your little guy is doing better!

  2. Noel says: is an awesome site! She is on facebook as well and has 2 cookbooks out. Her site has awesome information on where to buy gluten free ingredients at great prices as well as recipes and lots of answers to questions!

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi, I’ve never commented before but I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and I think you are great! I just LOVE that you are doing all this research yourself, that is just such responsible parenting and I so admire that!

    I am a coordinator for a GI (Gastroenterology) program at a hospital in Salt Lake City, UT and work with two GI Specialists who work mainly with Celiac Disease. My very very best friend was diagnosed with Celiac Disease two years ago and she is FINALLY gaining weight for the first time in her life. I want you to know a couple of things and please email me if I can be of further assistance – I promise this isn’t spam 🙂 :

    1. The best way to be diagnosed with Celiac Disease is to have an Upper Endoscopy (not as scary as it sounds) with Biopsies by a Celiac Specialist. That is a GI doctor specializing in Celiac Disease. There are many blood tests but this is the most accurate way to diagnose Celiac Disease.

    2. I would NOT suggest having your baby tested for Celiac Disease by Upper Endoscopy. You should definitely have your spouse tested if you feel that he has this disease. You can take your child to a pediatric GI Specialist and have him see a Nutritionist until he is old enough to be properly diagnosed (which would be an age at which you and your physician would feel is right).

    3. Celiac disease is not a death sentence (as I’m sure you are beginning to understand) and more and more grocery stores and restaurants are hopping on the celiac train. It will become easier for your baby to eat anywhere as he becomes older 🙂

    Good Luck!

  4. Nicole says:


    I’ve been following for awhile but have never commented. I just wanted to say that your post was so timely for me, as I’ve just begun a gluten free diet for myself and my baby this week. He has always been extremely high-needs, never sleeps, and lately he doesn’t eat well. He’s 14 months. We’re also going dairy free to see if that helps. He’s breastfed still so I have to do it too.

    Anyway, it was encouraging to read of someone else embarking on the same journey and good of your positive results so far.

  5. NataLee says:

    Thanks Ange! It’s website I have looked at before for crockpot recipes… and didn’t realize she was gluten free! That is a fantastic suggestion. I love my slow cooker!

  6. NataLee says:

    Sarah, Thank you so much for your thorough and detailed response. It is extremely appreciated. Yes, we do feel like our son is a carbon copy of my husband, so any testing will most likely be done on him. I agree, I think it will only become more and more easy to be GF. Thanks again for your pearls of wisdom!

  7. NataLee says:

    This was my hope in writing this. You brought up a great point that I didn’t hit in my article and that is the element of breastfeeding. I believe my heavy intake of gluten while nursing (and maybe even during pregnancy) was a big reason for his failure to thrive and him being so skinny all the time. The gluten was excreting through my breast milk. I don’t blame myself, because I had no idea, but it makes me feel bad nonethless. Good luck to you. I would love to hear how it goes for you…

  8. Lexie says:

    Love your blog! My good friend Priscilla has a great blog about living with CD. Both her, her husband, and two children have all been diagnosed. She has done extensive research on GF companies and products. You may have already come across her blog, but wanted to share just in case. Good luck!

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