Before and After: Main Floor Maine Home, Part II

Well, after nearly two months of not being able to stand or walk in pain, my husband’s back surgery was a success and he’s recovering quite well. So here is Part II of the main floor of our Maine home.

As just a reminder of where it came from, I am including the before shots as a refresher.

If you look at the space that was left to be the family room, it’s actually quite small and awkward in contrast to the dining room, but switching them didn’t make sense right now. If I were up to larger renovations, what I would have done is flipped the window and sliding glass door which should have been in the dining room, but doing so would have required expanding the deck, which just wasn’t in the cards. However, a window where the slider is currently, could have created a space for a sectional and created a more open floor plan… but what we ended up doing worked out okay.

I liked the somewhat hidden back hallway, but if wishes were fishes I would have borrowed this space to create a half bath and taken the full main floor bath at the end of the hallway to create a master suite on the main floor… always designing. So many ideas… they just take time and money. =)

Here is the above-referenced bath. If I swung this toilet on the other side of the sink into the hallway (out of view) I could put a door into the adjoining bedroom creating a master suite. It is always good to think outside the box. This might be something I would consider doing down the road… In addition to some other bathroom changes/additions I would make upstairs as well.


So here is what we ended up doing. I reused several pieces from our last home: the TV console, two chairs and lamps. I had planned on painting the console, but time became the biggest issue at the end, so next time we make a trip to Maine, I will probably paint that out, Annie Sloan Linen.

Of course you see the newly refinished wood floors that are no longer gold, but a beachy white washed finish by Bona, called Nordic Seal. New to the room is the end table which I made from barn boards off the property. It was meant as a temporary fix and ended up staying.

Also new to the room are the two sofas, which interestingly, were purchased separately off Facebook Marketplace. The larger sleeper sofa was purchased first for $75 and was a butter yellow. I removed the slipcovers bleached them out with a color remover, which to my surprise turned it a pink color. I then dyed it with Rit’s Charcoal Gray. Although it is a little cooler undertone than I had hoped, it still works.

I made all the pillows myself except for the script ones, which were bought at Hobby Lobby and Pottery Barn. The floral is Robert Allen Basquiat-Teak, but I think it was a one-off since I got it at Home Fabrics for a huge discount. I tried ordering more of this fabric and it was always much warmer than what I had.

I really like to mix and match pillows, but have one fabric that carries through and ties things together. The RA fabric was definitely that jumping off point.

The rug was one I got off RugUSA on clearance. I love it, but it’s wool and sheds A LOT.

Before the bedroom was a bedroom it was a playroom for my kids. I started by painting all the trim white and the walls I believe are Repose Gray.

My goal for converting the playroom to a bedroom was to not spend a lot of money. We were getting ready to move and I wanted to see if I could get a nice room for less than $250. I succeeded. I bought simple inexpensive cafe rods from Walmart for about $6 each. The sheer white panels on the canopy were $7 each and I used 4. The headboard was leftover from a fabric spray paint project that didn’t turn out. I originally paid $7 for it from the Goodwill. To make it look good I used some leftover white chalk paint. The mirror art was $8. So far everything was less than $10.

All the bedding was including the pillows was $100.  Nightstands were wood and painted in white chalk paint. Both including paint was $50. Lamps and accessories were repurposed from other rooms.

While I would like to have a dresser in this room, I just left the bookcase/toy storage shelf from when it was a playroom for our children. The curtains also were from playroom days… and I picked them up at TJ Maxx for $25 for the pair. The curtain rods were from Target.

The office area in the bedroom was where I spent my days working on my Master’s Degree. I really would like to do an individual post on this area someday as I built the desk from scratch myself… Like from plywood. This was the first time I built furniture by myself without help. So I was really proud of myself.

I got the chevron wallpaper on clearance at Walmart.



For continuity, I also used the wallpaper in the bathroom as an accent wall… painted the mirror and vanity in Annie Sloan Linen chalk paint. This was a quick makeover… mainly paint and wallpaper and I think makes a huge payoff. The shower curtain might be a little busy, but it was one I already had, so it was FREE! Love the price.

Last, but not least, was a room I tried to get done the entire time we lived there… The mudroom. It might have been the ugliest room in the house and while I might have had to scale my plans WAY back due to the lack of time, I was really glad I was able to at least get it to this point.

I have got to try and see if I can find some before shots of this room because it had the weirdest blue linoleum and a horribly painted gold feature wall. My original plan included built-in lockers, but again. I was glad to get it looking somewhat presentable.

What makes me most happy about the end result of our main floor is how economically it was done, how many skills I learned, and how comfortable it is to be in. It feels homey.

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