My Laundry Room Needs Help. Bad.

The room of shame. Dun. Dun. Dun.

Everyone has one. The one you shove everything into and close the door and try your best to forget about. This is that room  for me. And the problem is, I use this room all the time for obvious reasons.  But talk about being unfunctional. Uninspiring. Undesirable. Yuck!

I can’t decide what is worse, the original peeling linoleum yellowed from nicotine as a result of years of smoking by previous owner…


Or the dryer vent hose that is tackily hanging from the ceiling caked in 30 years of someone else’s lint. Eewww!!!


Or all the unfinished patches… one of which was when we added some new electrical for my husband’s office.

Laundry room needs help

Any way you slice it, this room has NOTHING going on. Not one single thing. So everything will change.


I am thinking some more shelves for storage. Something reminiscent of this:

But since I am building them myself and I am self professed carpentry novice… it will be much simpler.

And I am in love with this wallpaper from for $23.98 a double roll.

gray and white damask wallpaper

So stay tuned to see how I fix this pitiful excuse for a laundry room.



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