It’s About Love: Jordan & Erin Search for a Birth Mother

I had a different post planned for today, but dropped it flat when I got this request from my friend Erin.  I promise a design related post tomorrow. But there is NOTHING of higher importance to me than family.

The Housley’s

Have you ever moved somewhere new and met a neighbor and from that second on you’d knew you’d be friends for life no matter where your paths take you?  That is how my husband and I feel about Jordan and Erin Housley.

We lived next to them for a little over a year. One of our first encounters with them was when our puppy Napoleon tried to have relations with their dog Regis and he turned around and peed on Napoleon…  we all laughed and were bonded for life.

Like many wonderful people Jordan and Erin aren’t able to have babies themselves, but have a lot of love to give.  They are looking for a birth mother and asked if I might be able to spread the word. I felt honored that I might be able to help them in their quest to find a baby as they are wonderful parents.  My only request is they name their first born daughter after me. 😉 Totally kidding.

Here is her mother’s plea:

Hi! We are friends of NataLee and we are hoping to adopt and grow our family. We are so grateful to NataLee for sharing about us. We would really LOVE for you to view our profile, blog, and like our facebook page. There you can read about our story, and who we are. Please feel free to share this with your family and friends. It only takes one person to connect us to a loving birth family. Maybe you’re not that person, but someone you know might be.

Big thanks!


Jordan, Erin & Hayden


One thought on “It’s About Love: Jordan & Erin Search for a Birth Mother

  1. Carly says:

    Small world!! Erin is also a dear friend I mine and a wonderful person and mother!! Any baby that is blessed to join the Housely family will be so lucky!

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