How To Wire a Chandelier

So I thought what is the point in saving all this money on making a chandelier if you would have to hire an electrician to install it for you? None. And besides, it looks so easy on TV shows… and my mantra has always been, “If someone else can do it, why not me?” And that is just what I did… wiring the light ALL BY MYSELF.

So here’s my instructions, per my experience and my father-in-law’s (a contractor) instructions.

First, start off by turning off the power. Since I am a nervous Nelly and pregnant on top of it, I went a little overboard turning off pretty much the whole main floor.  I think just the power to the particular box would be sufficient. 

You’ll notice that there is no metal bar/bracket to support the chandelier because there was a ceiling fan there prior, so I had to buy the following kit. You may not need to do this if you are replacing a chandelier for a chandelier. But if you do you can get this kit for about $4 at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Follow the instructions on the back of the kit. It’s easy peasy.

I didn’t take as many pictures because it was hard to stay focused wiring while taking pictures. So read all my words. BEFORE YOU SCREW the chandelier into the ceiling make sure you decide on chain length.  I didn’t do this. What a pain. The average height above a dining table should be 31″ from the bottom of the light to the table. If you’re doing it somewhere else have someone hold it while you decide the best length. Shorten the chain by using pliers. rac

Thread your wires through the hollow bolt (called the nipple=). Now you can screw the chandelier into the support bracket.

Now that the weight of the chandelier is supported you can do the wiring. If your wires are colored there should be one black (or another color like red) and one white (always white). Then a ground wire (should be copper). If your chandelier wires are both the same color like mine were (gold) my father in law says this doesn’t matter. Just wire one to the black and one to the white. He says it never matters, but if it were me and one was black and the other white, I would go ahead and match white to white and black to black. Then the ground to the ground. The ground wire should be touching some part of the metal on your light. This prevents shocking when you change a light bulb.

All wires should be twisted together and topped off with a cap to keep them together. Then cover the wires with the matching chandelier apron.

Turn the power back on and you will have a functioning light. Not so hard now was it? You can do it!

Happy Friday!


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