How to Stripe a Wall (Without the Mess)

Ever wonder the secret to getting crisp, clean striped walls? Trust me, I have had my share of taping nightmares… one incident seen in front of millions of people on TV =(… so I am going to show you the best way to avoid the pitfalls I have overcome and get crisp clean lines with out the stress and most importantly no mess and touch ups when you pull off the tape… and you can’t get a more dramatic example than in black and white!

I mean look at these lines…


Crisp and clean!

Start with your lighter color. I would recommend to go ahead and paint the entire wall because it would be much easier, but after my daughter accidentally kicked over the paint can, I knew we would need to be very thrifty with the paint, so that’s why I just painted just where the white stripes would go… and I was right, only a few drops of paint left!

I then measured and marked where my stripes were going to go. I made my first couple  of marks with the measureing tape and then I used my level to keep that straight mark all along the wall. I taped off my stripes and here is the KEY!!! So don’t miss this tip. You paint the lighter color (in my case white) over the tape seam. This way any bleeding that will occur (and it always occurs) will be of the base coat -the coat underneath- and not the darker color. This is what avoids all (or at least most) touch ups. 

After your paint dries on the tape, you can go ahead and paint your darker color… a couple coats. 

Wait for it to dry and then Very slowly pull off the tape. If an spots show the slightest sign it’s sticking to the tape stop what you’re doing and take a razor to that spot. And your stripes should look this crisp (don’t mind the one piece of tape not down yet, my daughter was really excited to take the picture!). No touch up folks!!!!

 Now, we are just waiting on her wallpaper to get in. I CANNOT wait! Here is a sneak peak of the direction we are taking it!

Happy Monday!


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