How to Paint a Room Without Using Painter’s Tape

It was a fast and furious few months!

We finished renovating our Maine home. We graduated a daughter from high school. I graduated with a master’s degree. I got my Florida real estate license. We went house hunting, packed and finally moved to Florida.

It was busy, busy, busy. Speaking honestly, I was a little burnt out. So when it came time to start improving our new home, I kind of was dragging my feet… but my new friend Leslie gave me a little kick in the pants (thank you!) and now I have officially begun. First things first, I needed a good foundation which meant I needed to paint the beat up walls. So here’s my video tutorial:

How to Paint a Room Without Painter’s Tape












I don’t like to use painter’s tape, because honestly, it’s expensive, it’s very time consuming to tape everything off, and in the end, it never works as good as you would think. Actually, it creates more problems. I fired the tape years ago and you should too!

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