How To Dress Everyday Artwork For The Holidays and Free Christmas Printable For You

I think you guys are great! Just want to give you guys a little Christmas gift as a token of my appreciation for all your support. A simple wreath tutorial as well… so here you go:

A quick shot of the wreath… again you could do this on a picture frame, mirror or kitchen

In the video tutorial, I mention that I used pastels to add a little color and dimension to the printable, without the expense of a color print.

It was easy and actually kind of fun!

It really brought the trees to life.

Since it’s temporary artwork, instead of buying an expensive matte, I ended up choosing to make my own with a an inexpensive poster board. I used a frame I already had on hand. This picture would look super cute in a rustic frame.


Here is the free printable. I have it in two different sizes:

Christmas Tree Farm Printable 18 x 24

Christmas Tree Farm Printable 24 x 36

Stay tuned for more great tutorials coming soon! I have a lot of fun stuff heading your way.










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