How to Clean a Green Swim Pool

My husband and I are new to pool care and maintenance… but have been able to keep the pool looking relatively good until a few weeks ago when the heat set in.  Then it looked like the lochness monster moved into our back yard and made himself a stinky swamp like cess pool of filth in our pool. Yuck!

We dumped and dumped chemicals into the pool to no avail. We felt like we had no other option than to drain the pool despite numerous warnings about the danger of draining a pool in the heat.  We wanted to actually enjoy our pool during the hot Arizona weather… it was one of the main reasons we bought this particular house.

We started at about 6:00 pm as to avoid the brutal heat and direct sunlight on our plaster pool. To avoid cracks (which I’m happy to report, we were successful at!) We dropped the pool pump, which we borrowed from our very nice neighbors… but you can rent one from the Home Depot for $35 for a day I am told…  into the deep end. It is supposed to pump about 50 gallons a minute. We drained it into the street which is angled for it to go into the sewer.

We found out after the fact that you are supposed to get a permit from the city to drain your pool… Ooops! I guess we will be hearing from them soon. Do you think they’d buy a story about heavy rain at our house? =) LOL. So you may want to check with your city to see if you need a permit to drain your pool.

After 2 hours it was only to here…

At about 11:00 PM at night there was a third of the pool to go… and with a 100+ degree day forcasted for the next day my husband and I debated heavily about to continue to drain it all the way and get all the water out. We talked about how to protect the plaster… thought soaking wet blankets and hanging them over the edge of the plaster to prevent cracking and after doing a little more research online found that a partial drain was definitely sufficient for what we were trying to accomplish. So we started to refill the pool.  It was filled to the perfect height by 7:00 AM.

The following morning we pulled out our slime (algae) infested filters and realized this was probably the biggest problem we had. We probably should have tried rinsing these off before we went the extreme of draining our pool in hot weather. These babies were coverd in green slime.

After rinsing these out thoroughly. We added pool clarifier and 4 gallons of liquid chlorine and ran the pump and vacuum for most of the next 24 hours. And this is the result!!! Crystal clear blue water.

This has been heaven sent the past couple weeks especially when it has been over 110 outside almost every day…. and the best part, hardly any chemicals being poured in and water is still crystal clear.

Yes. The yard needs A LOT more love, but truthfully, it probably won’t get any until this fall when it’s less hot outside… the main things that need done are additional plantings and mulch in the planter beds, new grass/sod, but most importantly a safety fence for the pool to protect our little babies!! 

Other future items on my list: creating an outdoor living space with curtains, furniture, rugs, accessories, etc. The weather is pretty much nice year round, so we want to take advantage of it. My husband wants a pool slide and a putting green and so those are on the wish list too.

Decorating takes time and money. So as it comes, so will the projects.

Hope this helps some other pool owners. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Happy Monday!


One thought on “How to Clean a Green Swim Pool

  1. Ashley Baker says:

    Hey NataLee!!

    You mentioned getting a fence for around the pool, you should check into a safety net to go over the top of the pool. My uncle, that lives in Peoria, has one on his pool and it’s awesome. It was strong enough that I could walk out into the middle of the pool on top of it. It was a woven mesh material that was the mesh was small enough little hands and arms couldn’t slip into it. And if a little body did fall on top of it, there was no way they could go under. Just a thought!!

    Best of luck with the last bit of your pregnancy!

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