How to Add Curb Appeal with an Inexpensive Front Porch Makeover

We have been really enjoying our time in the Orlando area so far. We love our new home and I have been having fun fixing it up. I have so many fun projects planned for this house to share with you.

One of the projects I know will need to be done, but is a bigger project is painting the exterior of our house. I am not quite ready to do that, so as a pacifier, for now, I am settling for a front porch makeover… something to look forward to and put a smile on my face as I drive up to my house. Instead of driving up and going, “Oh man, my house really needs a paint job!” I can look at my cute front porch and smile.

It did the trick! That’s just what I do every time I pull up now. I love how it turned out. Check out my video tutorial to see how it turned out here:

Here is what it ended up looking like:

One of my favorite elements is what I did to the transom window. I love the frosted glass with my house numbers on it. It took what was already a nice decorative and upped the ante. I just love it. The whole project was about $10. A small price for such a big impact.

Another element I absolutely love is the welcome vinyl on the front door. This is a very quick fix.

I ordered it here:

While I went with welcome, I also considered hello… either would be super cute:

It even looks great at night.

Anyway, it is a good fix for now, but I do look forward to doing a complete paint job and curb appeal fix eventually.

But, for now, this will do the trick!









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