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Hello, it’s been a while… well, it’s been a long while, let’s be honest. But due to the numerous requests each and every week and the fact that life has settled down just enough, as promised I will start blogging regularly here at Designed to the Nines!

I have truly missed it in so many ways. I LOVE to design, I love to create and I love interacting with my wonderful (and very loyal) D2N followers. My biggest weakness always has been (and I promise to continue to make strides in this area) photography. I could easily be fired as a blogger on this point alone. I am the worst photographer. As odd as it sounds I feel much more comfortable in front of the camera than behind it. I rarely even take pictures even of my own kids… I know… HORRIBLE! Even with my own mom begging for photos of the grand kids. I fall short. Plus, unlike most great bloggers out there, I don’t have a fancy camera, so when I actually take a photo of my projects, the quality isn’t anything to write home about.

What I do have going for me is pretty good and creative design/DIY ideas (at least to me and hopefully a few of you;)… so that makes up for it a little.

Now having said all that, I do plan to improve, and I do have it on my shortlist to get a better camera and maybe figure out Instagram on my iPad, etc. And I do have plans to continually improve to become a dynamite website! And since my college degree is in Broadcast Journalism and I am now equipped to do video tutorials you can look forward to more videos than pictures, which I hope you think is a good thing.

Longtime, faithful D2Ners will see a slight change in direction… nothing too crazy… but D2N will be going in a more Lifestyle driven direction. Do NOT worry, there will still be plenty of great design ideas and DIY projects, but you may see more things like cooking, fashion, makeup, money saving ideas, motivation/inspiration…. which will hopefully help you to get to know me more as well!

Now, as long promised… My house hunting search!

Here are three houses… All of which we did consider buying ( no fake, staged House Hunters here: shame, shame HGTV! )

HGTV staged House Hunters.jpg


These three photos are in no particular order and I have just grabbed photos each from MLS photos. A few notes, house hunting in Maine was quite an experience. Wow! Sticker shock on home prices and taxes nearly pushed my husband and I over the edge. Since we just bought our house in Arizona 15 months before moving to Maine and we decided to keep our home in there, so we were looking at a starter price range and this selection (even in the current real estate market) was nonexistent at best. So we were definitely looking at a fixer upper. So with all that being said, we set out to find our new home… with myself acting as our real estate agent. Yes I am a licensed Maine realtor.

House #1 Hoarder House

I know the title is enough to send most people packing and fast, for some reason I was really interested in this home. It was a real bonafide house of a hoarder. They had been cleaning it out for a month when we went through it and it and you still had to walk through pathways of stuff. But behind all that stuff it was a pretty nice house with good bones. It had everything we needed, had brand new roof, windows, furnace, a generator and backed a river. This was priced in the middle of the price bracket we were looking in.

4 Bedroom/1 Bath/ 1 Car Garage

I pictured this with black shutters and an apple green front door. Can you see it?

house hunting Topsham, ME

 House #2: STINKY, Dated Smoker Townhouse

Bet that title made you want to buy this house. I first came across this house while looking at the one next door. But I noticed this was vacant and for sale so I went and took a look at it. One foot in the door you were greeted with the pungent combination of stale cigarette smoke and sewer. Yucko! Blech… I can’t believe I continued to look. Everything was super clean, but we’re talking a picture out of bad 1984 design finishes. But functionally, this would work great. It had 3 bedrooms, plus the potential for a 4th bed, plus 2 baths and a one car garage. If you could get past the intoxicating smell of urine and cigarettes this was doable… and the price and location were fantastic. This was the lowest priced home we looked at.

Brunswick, ME house hunt


House #3 Dated, SUPER Overpriced Home on a Busy Road

Wow… these titles have me second guessing why we considered any of them. LOL! This home was literally two houses down from the majority of my mister’s family. It is on a very busy road, but is set back quite a ways. It sits on 13+ acres with a huge pond which is more than we would ever need, but our plan was to fix up this fixer upper and live in it while we subdivide the lot and  then built the house we really want down the road and rent the house to family. But the house was overpriced by like $60,000.

Yeah. I know!

It has been on the market for three years. So we thought, maybe they are finally ready to face facts on price. It has 3 large bedrooms, 2 baths, a HUGE deck, and  NO garage. The property is beautiful! I saw this painted red with black shutters, adding a garage with a coupela on top.

Topsham ME house hunt


And there you have it… which house did we end up getting. Leave your guesses in the comment section and check back soon to see the answer and house reveal!

Love you guys!






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