HGTV Dream Home 2012: Park City

Hi all you guys and dolls! I know I promised you the final installment of my painted granite countertops, but I am having some technical difficulties… Well, I am having a problem with Murphy’s Law right now.  I won’t get into the details, but if you could send a little Irish luck or positive juju my way, it would be much appreciated!

Anyway, I have 2 laptops… the first got a keylogging virus a few weeks ago and the second has a bad DC jack… argh! So right now I am unable to upload any photos from any type of device.  So I divert today to share with you HGTV’s Dream Home 2012. Have you all seen it yet?

It’s in my old stomping ground this year in Midway, UT.  I don’t know why they put Park City… maybe because it sounded a little sexier??  But Midway is super beautiful and only a few minutes from Park City.

This home is so beautiful! 

The architeture is really interesting and fun to look at…. but since my blog is mainly about interior design… that’s where we’ll focus.

As soon as you walk in you are greeted by this amazing chandelier. I love this! In fact there are a few lighting treatments I loved or thought were interesting. You’ll see…

And then my eyes were immediately drawn to the Ikat chair.  I am predicting right now that Ikat is going to go viral in the blog/design world this year. We’ll see if it comes true… just like I predicted the color gray was going to be huge a couple years ago. =)

Within the next week I have a post planned all about Ikat and I have a bunch of fun inspirational photos.

I love the great room with the grand ceiling height and all the windows… but what I thougth was especially fun was how they did the bat and board above the stone work. Again, more ikat in the framed artwork over the fireplace.

It kind of surprised me how contemporary they went with the kitchen. Especially since it’s a rustic setting, also, when you consider the design trends of Utah. In my experience working as a designer there, this kitchen would not appeal to the majority of people in Utah. But nonetheless, it is really beautiful! Loving the pendant lights again! 

More of the ikat…

One thing it seems like they always do really well in all the HGTV dream homes are LOTs and LOTs of beautiful windows to let in the light.

Do you find it odd there is not light fixture over the dining table??? I do. Maybe it’s because they did such a major statement with light over the  island.

I like the framed out curtain wall behind the bed in the master bedroom… and of course you know I love the damask rug!

The chandelier is a little overkill in the master bedroom sitting room.

The master bath is really beautiful and I love the pedestal bathtub. I also really love all the wall tile.  I think they should have taken cues from this bathroom for the kitchen.  It is still modern/contemporary while still having a little more of a traditional feel.

I love this guest room.  I just want to run and jump onto this bed. They have made it really inviting and soothing… and did a nice job balancing modern and traditional.

I swear this room looks like one from a previous dream home… =) I think one chandelier would have looked better in this room.  Again, some very interesting lighting choices… and I’m not done yet. Anyone else think two big fixtures are too much in this room?

Okay. I actually really like this light fixture, but how beautiful are these french doors?!

Lighting over kill again. They must have had a good lighting sponsor! Love the fixture, but four mounted to the ceiling in one smaller room?

Other than that… This is totally a room I would expect to see in a Utah mountain retreat.

I have outdoor room envy! Isn’t this so beautiful. Relax by a fire and watch TV in this beautiful outdoor setting!

Okay, now this just buttons up my point of interesting lighting choices in this home. Anyone else think it’s really weird to put two chandeliers in the garage??? They could have used one of these over the dining table! 😉 Love the car that you could win too!

 Odd lighting choices or not, who wouldn’t want to win this beautiful home? I sure would!  A $2 million dollar prize!

Go to to enter.

Okay, cross your fingers I can get my computers up and running.  Thanks for your patience. I really want it to be a fantastic 2012 in design here at!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Belinda Kuluz says:

    I love this home. I have to find out where the master bedroom bathtub is from and what brand it is, Just in case I don’t win this beautiful home! How do I find that. I have tried on your site and have been unsuccessful..
    Thank you,

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