Guest Blogger: Shelley Anderson on Slipcovering.

I met this very talented lady in one of my favorite stores the other day: Home Fabrics.  I was very impressed by her talents.  Many of you have asked for more information on how to reupholster/slipcover furniture.  I even shared my own “slip-holstery” technique… my own made up method of reupholstery. I have done several pieces for myself… but I thought it would be great to hear a few tips from a true professional.  Enjoy!! 

About Me
My name is Shelley Anderson, I am the owner of  Custom Slipcovers by Shelley which is located in Eagle Mountain, Ut.  I am married to a fireman and have 3 boys. My oldest is now 10. I used to watch my mom sew when I was little, and once I was married I decided to attempt a slipcover for our ugly couch. Through trial and error I taught myself how to slipcover. I have now been slipcovering professionally for 11 years. My slipcovering business has been a great asset for my family, with the extra $ that I’ve made over the past 10 years I’ve been able to slowly pay off all of our debt including the house. Now I am working on paying off our new little fixer-upper cabin in Midway, UT. Below are some pictures from my most popular posts on my blog

My front room without slipcovers (before)

My front room with slipcovers (after)

Camille’s front room before

Camille’s front room after

Camille’s gray slipcovered couch– she got the couch for $20 from a yard sale

Gray paisley slipcovered chair– she got this chair for free…from the free pile behind a local thrift store.

Parson chair before at the cabin– I bought the set of six parson chairs for $40 total!

Parson chair after with yellow polka dot slipcover with knife pleats

Club chair before for the cabin — I bought these chairs for $5 each off

Family room after with yellow polka dot club chairs and turquoise cotton sectional slipcover. I bought the sectional for  $50 off I got the yellow dot fabric for $3.50/yd and the turquoise for $3/yd.

Loveseat before in the loft at the cabin.. it was left at the cabin when we purchased it

Loveseat after… I got this steel blue matelesse for $2/yd. The ottoman and pillows are out of tan herringbone.

-advantages of slipcovers

Slipcovers are great for many reasons
1)You can take them off and wash them… huge perk with 3 boys
2)Flexibility…I love that in a few years I can make a new slipcover and not have to get rid of the couch and explain to my husband that we need to buy a new couch when the other one was still fine.
3)Decorate on a budget. I can buy old ugly furniture that no one else wants for cheap off or at goodwill and then put a new slipcover on it. Most of the older pieces have more unique lines and are smaller in scale. My house needs smaller scale furniture.
4)Go green, reuse, reduce, recycle…couches aren’t ending up in landfills
5)Inherit a family piece that’s not your style, but you aren’t allowed to get rid of it
6)Change…you can mix it up. Many of my pieces have two outfits, that way I don’t get bored. I also love to change the whole look of my room by changing out my pillows. Many of my clients have a spring and winter set.

So if you want to learn to make slipcovers to redecorate on a budget or you want to make some extra money…learning the art of slipcovering is an invaluable tool and skill. If you love fabric and decorating and have some sewing skills you will become obsessed with the possibilites of what you can do with an ugly piece of furniture. You will become a regular at the local thrift store and craigslist.

My “How to Slipcover Video” walks you through the basics of slipcovering and will give you the skills to slipcover just about anything. I teach you to make a slipcover by pinning it on inside out. I was self taught and learned through trial and error over the past 11 years… with the DVD you can learn without going through the heartache and wasted time that I went through. I am now fast at what I do, and with practice you can be too.


Or if you are local to SLC, UT and have no desire to try your hand at slipcovering feel free to contact me at  for pricing or check out my pricing post at the very end of my blog . If you aren’t local, check out and look under directories to find someone local in your area.

Thanks NataLee for letting me share about what I do.


Thank you for sharing your talents with us Shelley!!


Making the house you have, the home you  want!


6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Shelley Anderson on Slipcovering.

  1. Lyndee W. says:

    I have had the experience of working with Shelley and she is absolutely amazing! She inspires me to reuse what I already have. A great designer…an even better friend!

  2. Gina Roberts says:

    I met Shelley in Blogland! I love the work that she does, she is so inspiring. Not just her technique, but her eye for color and the ability to see the best design for a piece of furniture. If you live anywhere near her, you need to get her to do your slipcovers. You will not be disappointed. And if you want to learn some of her technique, buy the DVD. I have purchased and used the DVD myself. Thanks for featuring Shelley.

  3. Nancy says:

    Wow! I love the gray paisley slipcover Shellymade for her friend,s chair. That, and the grey couch and pillows are ALL favorites of mine!

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